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Family and Consumer Sciences

First Advisor

Marcel Zondag

Second Advisor

Russell Zwanka


This project researched the impact that COVID-19 had on small clothing brands marketing strategies. The purpose of the study was to have a better understanding on whether the pandemic had a negative or positive impact on small clothing brands and what marketing strategies these brands adapted to due to COVID-19. The research consists of primary and secondary data that help to conclude an overall conclusion. The primary research consisted of scholarly articles from the internet that provided information on the retail world during the pandemic. The secondary data was an interview that consisted of 4 small clothing brands boutiques. The sample consisted of all female women around the ages of 22 who own their own clothing brands and have roughly the same target market. During the zoom interview, they were all asked 11 questions that discussed how their brand's shopping experience was before the pandemic, as well as how their brand had to adapt during the pandemic. After researching and conducting an interview, the conclusion stated that COVID-19 has impacted small clothing brands for the better. Increasing their marketing strategies on social media platforms during the pandemic, has helped to increase small clothing brands sales. During this time, consumers were still shopping just as much, only online more.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted