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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Chitra Singh

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Zee-Sun Yun


The purpose of this study is to identify the ways in which social media and marketing technology advances are affecting small retail businesses. A total of three interviews were conducted with working professionals in different areas along the fashion supply chain, and were contacted based on common acquaintances. Each interview was conducted over the phone, and lasted between ten minutes and half an hour, with guided and supplemental questions focusing on their experiences with technology in their fields. The results showed that each area was affected in numerous ways, from superficial business changes to advancements at the cores of their individual operating systems. Depending on the level of commitment the businesses had to technology as it appeared and advanced, there were differing levels of impact, however it was agreed upon that media’s impact was entirely pervasive. The implications of these results point to the developmental needs of small retail businesses, although it is imperative that each business introduces the technology that makes sense for them as a brand.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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