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Human Performance and Health Education

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Julie Raedy

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Cari Padula


This research paper provides insight into the NCAA and its name, image, and likeness rule that it holds its athletes to follow. Over the past few years, the name, image, and likeness rules have prevented NCAA athletes from making a profit from their success. Collegiate athletics have created a booming business allowing profit for any party involved except for the athletes who make it all happen (NCAA, 2020). However, resent controversy has forced the NCAA to make changes to these rules. In October 2019, the NCAA Board of Governs announced that they would begin to make changes to benefit student athletes while also keeping the collegiate and amateur model consistent (NCAA, 2019). As some people have a negative opinion against the NCAA, states are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Michigan and California have begun making their own bills to later become laws, supporting name, image, and likeness profit benefits for student-athletes. The NCAA’s own athletes have taken a stand as well by following class action lawsuits against them for “breaking” antitrust laws. The action of the NCAA and several individuals has opened a path for extensive change in the near future.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted