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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Gwen Tarbox

Second Advisor

Katie Sluiter


social justice, pedagogy, Iqbal, human trafficking, middle school, language arts


English classrooms, at their best, are safe places for adolescents to critically engage with difficult issues presented in novels and the real world. One such issue is human trafficking, which is expected to soon become the world’s most profitable criminal industry (Knudsen, 2015). Incorporating values and instructional approaches from social justice pedagogy, I have designed a sixth-grade language arts unit plan about human trafficking based upon Francesco D’Adamo’s novel, Iqbal (2003). My purpose was to create resources, such as standards-based learning objectives, text sets, lesson plans, and student projects to use in my own classroom, as well as for teachers across the country to consider using in their own classrooms. I aimed to represent the issue of human trafficking and the cultural groups represented throughout the unit as accurately as possible.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access