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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Jinseok Kim

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Bade Shrestha


In the medical field, especially in plastic surgery, Rhombic flap and z-plasty are common methods in surgical procedures to treat and close complex wounds of different types of injuries/surgery. Each conventional surgical method has its own pros and cons. When both conventional methods join, it would complement each other weaknesses. This senior design project purpose is to investigate the magnitude of stresses build on skin due to transposing of skin in these methods when the wound is close after the surgical procedure is done. In this project a combination of rhombic flap and z-plasty is studied which is Double Rhombic Flap Design for z-plasty and compared to its predecessor which only has the rhombic flap design and a single z-plasty incision. This is a Finite Element Analysis (FEA), study which is performed on a computer software ANSYS to simulate the closure of wound with the properties that best defined skin. Strings are use in geometry in ANSYS to simulate suture. In this project three model are analyze from preliminary, reference and actual model of study. Preliminary model is to test whether the taken approach is efficient and providing the anticipated result. Once preliminary design is accomplished, next step is reference and actual model of study for stress on the skin when closure of wound happens. Reference model is created to compare with the design model of the project to see how well the new design lessen the stresses over the skin with different geometry involve in the design of study. Due to time and software limitation anticipated results could not be obtained but with the obtained result, the Double Rhombic Flap Design for z-plasty has less stress around the simulated wound closure area and the approach use in this project can be taken with the proposed future steps to get the anticipated results.


Co-authored with: Guo Wei Choy

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Honors Thesis-Open Access