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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Dean Johnson

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Pablo Gomez


Our project is a greenhouse monitoring system. The customer states that they need a complete monitoring system for their greenhouse. There are a lot of items within the greenhouse that need to be watered at the right time and kept at a certain temperature. The customer is not always around to check the status of these items due to their busy lifestyle. They would like a system to monitor all these items so they can check it on their smartphone no matter how far away they are from the greenhouse. The customer wants this to be a low-cost and energyefficient system. The system our group will develop for the customer will be an IoT greenhouse monitoring system. This will incorporate low-cost sensors to communicate to a phone application over Wi-Fi. Each sensor will be independently powered with its own battery. There will be various sensors included that will need to be used to monitor the greenhouse. A soil moisture sensor will be created to monitor the moisture of the soil and a temperature sensor will be created to monitor the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse. The phone app will include settings for “good” to “bad” temperature and soil moisture levels, as well as notifications that will be populated when the values are the “bad” range. The app will also include a time that the user sensors can be put into “deep sleep” mode to conserve battery power.


Co-authored with:

Wesley Erby

Bradley Heydel

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Honors Thesis-Open Access