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Pamela Wadsworth

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Dawn Smith


nursing, student, academic, success, COVID-19


Aside from the rigorous coursework of nursing school, nursing students experience various barriers that impact their academic success. Barriers to successful completion of traditional Bachelor of Science of Nursing (BSN) programs include isolation, lack of peer connections, lack of faculty connections, lack of family support, lack of financial support, and mental health struggles (Shaw, 2015) (Seal & Woods, 2021). This research will aim at assessing and exploring these barriers students are facing, along with the additional or exacerbated barriers the COVID-19 pandemic has surfaced.

This study will expand on the research conducted by Shaw (2015), in which she examined the barriers that students in the Bronson School of Nursing (BSON) program, at Western Michigan University (WMU) were facing. Furthermore, this research will help determine if the recommendations derived from Shaw (2015), such as peer-mentoring programs, have been implemented. An additional lens brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary to integrate into this research, due to current experiences and limited research regarding the association of the pandemic with the challenges of nursing school. Research on this subject will assist in better preparation for future nursing students and faculty.

In short, this research will assess the challenges BSON students are facing during completion of the program and the additional barriers the pandemic has contributed. The study will examine whether solutions to previously identified barriers have been implemented and what impact these solutions are yielding. The survey administered will be geared towards students enrolled in the nursing program at WMU, with animosity preserved at all times. Participants will be recruited via email with informed consent included. There are limited risks associated with the study. After data collection and analysis has been performed, a discussion of findings will be posed and further recommendations will be made. This research will assist in cultivating ideas of future solutions for current issues.

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