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Civil and Construction Engineering

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Decker Hains

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Valerian Kwigizile


For our senior design project, we conducted an intersection improvement in Clare Michigan. On the north end of Clare at the interchange of US-127 and Clare Avenue, the Michigan Department of Transportation has been working with the Clare County Road Commission in an effort to redo this interchange. The ideal interchange will be a roundabout that includes the entrance and exit ramps of NB US-127, NB and SB Clare Ave, and Colonville Road. With the assistance of AutoCAD, PTV Vistro, and Microsoft Project, our team conducted a full roundabout design and park & ride redesign. Our team then developed an analysis of alternatives, a full construction schedule, a cost estimate, and a traffic control plan to effectively implement a roundabout at this intersection. We partnered with Shaun Bates, a Professional Engineer, from MDOT for this project to assist us in the design. For our project, we followed all FHWA guidelines and used current codes and specifications. In addition to our project sponsor, faculty from the Department of Civil Engineering were consulted for additional information. With the use of a variety of resources and a team mindset, we provided MDOT with a safe, effective, and sustainable roundabout design and park and ride redesign at the interchange of US-127 and Clare Avenue.


Co-authored with:

Brandon Cotton,

Riley Piper

Annika Udrys

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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