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Civil and Construction Engineering

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Osama Abudayyeh

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Decker Hains


Student parking when attending class seems to be an issue at most universities. At Western Michigan University, it is a particular issue near the Haworth College of Business and Rood Hall. Students regularly struggle to find parking spaces in a timely manner when attending class in this area. Parking in this area currently consists solely of asphalt parking lots. It was our goal to both increase parking capacity and green space in this area. We will do this by designing a multi-level parking garage that will provide a more efficient use of parking space. As you will see later on, our project will not only increase the parking capacity on the lot we chose to build by approximately 50%, but it will also free up hundreds of square feet of additional space that can be used as green space to create a more environmentally sustainable and aesthetically pleasing area. Our report will detail the process that led us to create our parking structure. It will detail the type of structure we chose to use and why. It will also show the structural, geotechnical, and traffic design processes and all requirements, codes, and specifications used in our project. There will be a detailed estimate and construction schedule, as well as the sustainability factors we took into consideration. The primary software used in our project were SAP2000 for structural design purposes, AutoCAD for design drawings, Mathcad for lengthy equation calculations, RSMeans for estimating, and Microsoft Project for scheduling. It is estimated that our project will take approximately 122 calendar days to complete and cost $5,323,526.


Co-authored with:

Andy Oviedo

Faris Zayed

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Honors Thesis-Open Access