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Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Bret Wagner

Second Advisor

Robert Samples


For my thesis, I researched information on financial bonds to contribute to a developing college textbook written by Dr. Bret Wagner called “Fundamentals of Business”. After having gathered the research, I then began writing to match the style in which Dr. Wagner had written the other chapters. Overall, this was a completely different experience for me as I have done research plenty of times before but opening my brain to a creative writing aspect and deliberating the research I had gathered into a form that would be consumed by future young adults was both exciting and difficult. I had to re-train how I relayed information! I could no longer just bullet point my findings and call it sufficient. I now had to articulate bonds, a rather complex and detailed subject manner, into a form that someone who had never even heard of bonds before could understand. I had to find the perfect balance between over-explaining a concept to fitting enough details in to convey a complete understanding. The overall goal of this project was to help create a larger understanding to those trying to understand business. My part was directed more specifically to finance as that is what I majored in and where my strong suit lies. Nonetheless, it was a completely unique project for me, and it allowed me to not necessarily learn overly much more about bonds, but rather I found a new methodology to conveying information I had learned. I now understood what it meant when Dr. Wagner would tell me, “There is a difference between knowing something and then being able to teach that something.” That most certainly was my biggest take away. I now realized for truest form of comprehension of a subject matter, such of that as bonds, you must be able to teach it to someone who has never heard of it. When you can do that, and they can develop a new understanding, then you have, in fact, mastered the subject. This thesis as a whole was more of a project to helping me understand how I will best provide my future clients as a wealth advisor more than it was about bonds. It showed me how transparent I will have to be and that not everyone is going to have the same knowledge level as me on financial markets, nor should they. This project has shown me that to be a true professional at whatever it is you may do; you need to be able to breakdown what you know to better help those around you. Knowledge is powerful but being able to share that can be the greatest thing yet!

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

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