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First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


The following thesis is the advertising plans book from WMU’s submission to the National Student Advertising Competition. This plans book was made for the client Meta Quest by the entire senior advertising class at WMU who worked together as an ad agency this past year to complete it. Members of the team fulfilled traditional roles in an advertising agency including in media, creative, strategy, production, and account. The plans book was created through meticulous research, both primary and secondary, and through the creation of new written and visual assets based on that research.

Members of the class worked together in a professional manner, conducting classes like business meetings and filling out status reports to keep other members of the team updated on each group’s progress. Groups worked both independently and together to create their sections of the book and each group’s work was put together at the end with their pages brought to life by the production team.

My contributions to this plans book were through the social media team. Research was done on the social media team in the form of social listening and a social media audit which informed the social media calendar and content we included in the plans book.

After all was said and done with WMU’s plans book, it was submitted to the National Student Advertising Competition. At that point, members of the team presented the book in a video format to share with the NSAC. All members of the class worked on writing scripts for the presentation and the production team created the presentation. After the presentation was shared with the NSAC, our team participated in a live Q&A to answer questions about our plans book that had not been covered by the video presentation.

The result of this work being done by the advertising senior class was a 1st place ranking in this district which had never before been achieved at WMU in this competition. This thesis is a reflection of the hard work of everyone in the advertising senior class who did great work putting the plans book and presentation together.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted