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First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


This past year our class of Advertising & Promotion students were working with Oculus to create an advertising media campaign for their Meta Quest virtual reality headset. This was the client for our NSAC American Advertising Federation Case Competition that just occurred this pat month, April 2022. We were given the Campaign Brief in order to understand what Oculus’ goals were for their marketing campaign. The students who worked on this project were classmates of mine in the MKTG 4810 Integrated Marketing Campaigns class ran by Karen Lancendorfer.

With me being part of the strategy team this semester, I helped our group go through primary and secondary research in order to get a good idea of what our target audience consisted of. After gathering all of this information, we put together a survey to send out to students we determined were part of our key target audience. Our goal from conducting this survey was to get information from people in our key target audience. We wanted to know how they felt about virtual reality and what insight they could give us about what a successful campaign would look like for Oculus.

After collecting all of our data and feedback, we came up with our big idea and could back up the slogan we came up with: Explore What’s Next. Quest is Ready. Knowing that our target audience was Gen Z we found out that Gen Z is an experience-driven generation. We know they want “authentic connections, cutting-edge technology, and the ability to share the experiences they make online.” Once we knew our big idea and what we were striving to accomplish, we created our target personas and proceeded to keep going through our research findings. Our class then proceeded to start creating our media strategy plan and our recommendations for what Oculus should do in the future to grow their success. We recommended that Oculus start really diving into virtual and live-streamed concerts, work with Tinder to create an interactive app since Tinder is also used majority of the time by Gen-Z, and to also partner with universities and their sports teams.

This past semester I made sure that I helped out our strategy team anywhere I could. Whether it was coming up with survey questions or going through primary and secondary research, I made sure I did my part. The strategy team was really the solid base work for the rest of the media plan. All the other advertising departments counted on our research and insights in order to make their decisions on how to make this a successful campaign for the Quest headset. Our team of students placed first in our district for the NSAC Case Competition and are moving on to the next round and awaiting the new results.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted