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First Advisor

Kelley O'Reilly

Second Advisor

Kurt Lentner


I have created a strategic Marketing Plan for the Portage Community Center, the only nonprofit human services organization in the city of Portage. The Portage Community Center capitalizes on treating every individual with respect and dignity while providing leadership to uncover human service needs and then provide appropriate resources to address those needs. The Portage Community Center is a 40+ year old nonprofit human services organization where Portage residence are provided with emergency services amongst an array of offered programs. Passionately driven by Chris Buckley, the challenges of this organization include: (1) Increasing financial resources to better serve the Portage community, (2) establishing a Marketing Research plan, and (3) expanding community awareness of services provided ultimately increasing the organization awareness as a whole. The Marketing Plan for the Portage Community Center (PCC) has five key goals: 1) to expand community awareness of services provided (clients, donors, stakeholders), 2) to standardize printed materials while developing a more professional presence, 3) to develop a cohesive approach to social and digital media, 4) to support PCC contribution growth targets ($10K/year for 5 years through the end of FY 2023-24) and 5) to build on recent building renovations and re-launch PCC. In order to come up with appropriate solutions for the main marketing objectives, I analyzed each goal individually to provide ways to improve the organization as a whole. I have included a “Key Objectives with A Plan” section where the ideas are presented. This document is intended to provide the Portage Community Center with a detailed Marketing Plan to ensure that marketing objectives are accurate and competitive. After uncovering marketing objectives and determining strategic alternatives, the Portage Community Center will put these alternatives into action to determine if criteria has been met. Furthermore, by determining how the provided marketing objectives will be measured, the PCC will be able to execute their performance results.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted