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First Advisor

Carly Hagins

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Mike Elwell


Second Life Solutions is a garbage disposal solution for those who live on the road. People who live in RVs, in vans, and their cars need an ethical and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their waste. Gas station garbage cans are not meant to be used as someone’s sole garbage solution. In addition, when you find a gas station, their refuse station is often overflowing and unsanitary. As a cleaner and more efficient option, Second Life Solution offers landfill waste, recycling, and compost disposal for eco-conscious travelers. They can be placed at rest stops, camp sites, gas stations, electric vehicle charging stations, marinas, national and state parks, and more. This is a secure solution that is paid for through the Second Life Solution app. While paying for garbage disposal doesn’t always sound ideal, it is necessary to take responsibility for the waste that we produce. Homeowners pay for garbage collection and gas stations pay for it too, though the service is free to customers. Individuals who live out of their vehicles must also take responsibility for their consumption and properly discard their waste.

To gain access to the landfill, recycling, and compost bins, users must enter a personalized code that is found on the app. A locked unit ensures that the product is protected from misuse and vandalism such as break-ins. To ensure that the unit can support customers for an extended period of time, there is a scissor-jack compressor to compact waste once it reaches a sensor within the bin. The door locks, compressor, and sensors are powered by solar panels located on the roof of the product. Solar energy also supports e-screens on the side of the unit that display paid advertisements. There is also a compostable bag supply for customers. During the interview process I learned that most users collect their waste in plastic grocery bags placed conveniently around their vehicle. Since plastic grocery bags are not recyclable or compostable, offering a supply of compostable bags offers a sustainable substitution without changing the user's routine.

In addition to a garbage collection service, the app provides educational and useful resources for the user. The Homepage displays information about what products can and can not be recycled or composted. This is important because a lack of education on these topics can possibly unintentionally contaminate recycling or compost bins, sending them back to a landfill. There is a Search tab with a map interface that shows users where Second Life Solution collection sites are located. There is a Saved Location tab where users can pin specific locations and organize them in customizable lists. This makes it easier to plan future trips or keep tabs on favorite sites. On th

Second Life Solutions is the perfect remedy for individuals who live nomadic lifestyles and want to respect the environment by taking responsibility for their waste.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted