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First Advisor

Kelsey Paschich

Second Advisor

Carolyn Rabbers


As a performer, I am honored to be trusted with the message that each choreographer decides to share. It is important that I keep an open mind, body, and soul which allows me to be a versatile mover. I find that my passion for dance is rooted in the essence of community and in sharing the space and energy with those around me. This builds a mutual trust and understanding that dance allows us to be vulnerable with each other. From that state of vulnerability comes strength, challenges, healing, and curiosity. I find that when fully immersed in the authenticity of the movement, the audience is captivated and leans into the message being shared.

As an artist, I naturally take a holistic approach where all things are considered. That sense of wholeness ties in the human experience and works to invite the audience into a compelling conversation with the performers. I consider myself to be an intuitive choreographer where I choose to leave room for movement to manifest in the moment. I find that I can allow myself to indulge in the process best when the origins of my work are from the external inspirations and motives in my life. The majority of my inspiration is rooted in the philosophy of viewing life as a whole where a connection exists through and between all things. I let my message speak to the audience through bound gestural movement, a grounded stance in the lower body, and a calligraphic energy in the upper body. The correlation between the horizontal and vertical energy of the upper and lower body creates a three-dimensional synergy that occupies the whole space. This circular movement and aesthetic are what help establish the bond and relationship between the performance and viewer, and from that holistic bond, creates a community.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Dance Commons