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First Advisor

Carter John Rice

Second Advisor

Christopher Biggs


My Lee Honors College Thesis project will coincide with my degree in Multimedia Arts Technology to create a documentary production surrounding the sport of Skydiving. The film will have a run time of approximately 20 minutes, including introductions and the credits. The project will consist of historical background on the sport, real jump footage taken by myself and other experienced camera flyers, and interviews with influential people in the greater Southwest Michigan area involved with the sport. The project will involve video capture and interviews, video editing, and advanced technical video creation. After the completion of the video, I will write, compose, and perform a completely original score for the entire production using a variety of digital libraries, physical instruments, and other musical techniques.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

A History of Skydiving in West Michigan.mp4 (1806904 kB)
A History of Skydiving in West Michigan