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Jessica Van Stratton

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Alyssa McElroy

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Daphne Snyder


Toileting is a critical life skill that may present challenges to individuals with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD). Extensive research on toilet training has been conducted in clinical, residential, and home settings; however, limited research has been conducted on toilet training in educational settings. Educational settings present unique challenges that other settings may not, which makes research on toilet training in these settings critical (Cagliani et al., 2021). Additionally, research on toileting in educational settings have not evaluated classroom staff’s acceptance of evidence-based toileting strategies. The current study used a pre posttest design to examine the effect of a toilet training seminar on classroom staff’s knowledge and social acceptability of evidence-based toileting strategies. The toilet training seminar included a treatment package consisting of instruction, video models, and rehearsal opportunities. On average, staff rated the seminar and the toileting strategies positively and a significant statistical difference was found between the pre and posttest conditions, demonstrating that the toileting seminar was an effective tool to increase classroom staff’s comprehension and knowledge of evidence-based toileting strategies. Further research is needed to evaluate the maintenance of classroom staff’s knowledge and the generalization of classroom staff’s knowledge to implementation in the classroom.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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