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Biological Sciences

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Jean Kimmel

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Donald Meyer


inequality, health, productivity, education, economics


Across America, it is frequently seen that there are may differences by race in economic and social outcomes. This variability can be seen in judicial, social, and economic systems. The breakdown of economic systems presenting racial variability can be displayed via workplace statistics. There is a general discrepancy between the workplace statistics represented with Black and White employees. These differences frequently are blamed on the productivity and background education supplied by the employee upon being hired. However, the levels of variation across these two races varies minutely in comparison to the differences in wages supplied. When all factors are kept constant in regard to an employee's level of qualification in the workforce, it can be found that Blacks are hired at a lesser wage rate than those of their white counterparts. This itself supports the level of discrimination present in the workforce, along with the deleterious surroundings that engulf certain racial groups and their ability to work efficiently.

When employees are surrounded by debilitating environments, their inability to work at an equal rate to a health counterpart, results in an employer feeling compelled to provide equivalent wages across the board. This level of medical assistance and opportunities leads to racial inequalities in the workforce. Racial inequality affects more than a disparity of economic opportunities within our society. Blacks, on average, face an increased risk of health complications that result in their inability to work productively in comparison to their white counterparts.

Generally, the study will examine the differences by race in education, health status, and healthcare access given that these factors play important roles in the determination of earnings.. Specifically, identifying chronic illnesses that minorities are more susceptible to, analyzing why they are more vulnerable to them, and exploring how inaccessibility to healthcare affects their economic status, will produce greater clarity and solutions surrounding this matter.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access