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First Advisor

Lisa Coons

Second Advisor

Christopher Biggs

Third Advisor

Carter Rice


Sounds for the Cinema involves the exploration of all elements encompassing the creation of film within one composition recital. Pieces were written with the intention of pursuing effective storytelling in writing the music, sound design, foley sound art, and directing videography. Every composition explores different facets of the filmmaking experience. The Batman, Spring, and Lord of the Rings: Two Towers are all rescorings opening the recital showcase to exhibit how altering the music of an already created scene can change the entire tone of a movie. Following this, the composition utilizing a clip from Antman and the Wasp built off of this idea and combined a new original score with the accompaniment of all new sound effects. This piece involved foley art and sound scaping, which highlighted how necessary sound effects are to enhance a scene. All of the sound was stripped from Antman and the Wasp leaving all the dialogue to be rerecorded, sounds like lazer blasts, punches, and glass shattering to be recaptured, and footsteps and room sounds to be designed. Drifting by Deimos continues with how important it is for sound to be immersive. This piece is meant to be listened with headphones or with multiple speakers. Though only an audio clip, it seeks to transport listeners to the vastness of space with sounds that pass from one speaker to the next. Drifting by Deimos was crafted to emulate the weightlessness of drifting throughout the cosmos; in this instance, passing by the moons of Mars. The journey of all of these pieces concludes in the finale, Traversing: Soundwalks and Soundscapes Through Traverse City, which features an original work that was directed, filmed, sound-scaped, and scored for from start to finish displaying the entire movie-making process.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Composition Commons