Date of Defense


Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


MKTG 4810, Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns, is the final course for the Advertising and Promotion major in the Haworth College of Business. This class is our capstone course that allows for students to work for a client and create an IMC campaign. It is very complex and really challenges students in a positive way. The breakdown of the class made us as if we were an Advertising Agency. This consisted of us interviewing for positions and being broken up into different “departments” (teams is specifically what we called them). These teams consisted of Media, Creative, Strategy, Production, etc. This course is made for students to apply themselves and really get a feel into the Advertising world. Students are able to enhance their skills for their lifelong careers. At the end of the course, the class is entered into the National Student Advertising Competition. The students compete against various schools in their district to earn a spot at Nationals. The campaign can be published as well.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted