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Gellert Mezei

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David Huffman


In general, the synthesis of macrocycles is very difficult to control because of competing polymerization. In particular the research as to cyclize multiple small ligands of the same type is very limited. The use of a nanojar formed around a central anion would help to direct the desired cyclization. This has been explored in literature using metal templates, however this research could be further expanded on using a nanojar template. As the study of nanojars has been well explored and offers access to the formed oligomers through the use of acidic conditions, these templates could be promising in the formation of macrocycles. A method to induce reactivity between pyrazole ligands templated by nanojars has been explored. Future studies will look to characterize the formed oligomers as well as test reaction conditions such as pH and temperature to induce further reactivity.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted