Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Business - Interdisciplinary

First Advisor

Sime Curkovic

Second Advisor

Bret Wagner


This thesis project aims to identify the benefits of using the A3 problem solving process to increase supply chain efficiency within companies while using Tableau Desktop. The main focus falls on the utilization of Tableau to show visualizations of cost saving opportunities. Within my summer internship, I followed a guideline with help from mentorship on learning the Tableau interface. I would like to share the benefits of understanding such a useful data tool and an advantageous business process (A3) while also touching on the implications, benefits and limitations of the project itself. Throughout this paper you will be able to follow each detailed step of the A3 problem solving process; identify a problem or need, understand the current situation, root cause analysis, countermeasures, develop a target state, an implementation plan, a follow-up plan, and show results. Overall, you will be able to see how I was able to use Tableau efficiently to create dashboards showing Dynamic Sourcing opportunities for a highly ranked company using a simple, organized process.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted