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Global and International Studies

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According to UNICEF (2022), at least 200 million girls and women in 31 countries have undergone FGM. Among those countries, Somalia,Guniea and Djibouti hold the world record for female genital mutilation, with levels above 90 percent, while countries such as Cameroon and Uganda, it doesn’t affect more than 1 percent of girls and women. Female genital mutilation is very rooted in the Somali culture. Somali women’s attitudes about FGM varies among the older generation and young generation of women, where the highest levels of support can usually come from the older generation with few younger generations. FGM practice in Somalia is mainly due to cultural beliefs that it preserves the girls’ reputations and their families, things such as rape and sexual desires before marriage. Girls go under FGM between the ages of 9 to 12. Islam is the predominant religion practiced in Somalia, and in terms of religion, some believe it is a religious obligation for both male and female. Furthermore, there is no government laws that totally bans FGM. In the most recent years, some local and international organizations were fighting against FGM and educating the society the consequences and the harms it causes to women’s health both physically and mentally.

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