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Lisa Singleterry

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Sally Vliem


nurse educator, clinical, experience, teaching, nursing programs


The overall aim of this thesis is to understand clinical nurse educator experiences. Challenges to retain and recruit nurse educators' limits nursing student enrollment and the ability to meet nursing workforce demands. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) factors contributing to nursing faculty shortages guided this thesis research study. Asking research questions, “Describe what you like about being an academic clinical nurse educator” and “Describe what you don’t like about being an academic clinical nurse educator” can support understanding clinical nurse educator positive and negative experiences. A qualitative descriptive study and thematic analysis was conducted. An anonymous 22-question online survey was sent to the Southwest Michigan Clinical Placement Consortium (SWMCPC) members and attendees of a Sigma Theta Tau (Sigma) sponsored Academic Clinical Nurse Educator Workshop Fall 2021. Purposive sampling was conducted, and thirty-three participants responded. Survey responses revealed positive and negative themes. Positive themes were student growth, professional contribution, and personal reward. Negative themes were lack of student preparation, unclear expectations, time for teaching, academic culture, and clinical site acceptance. Thematic analysis revealed that positive and negative experiences are interconnected. Results establish insight for nursing program leaders of colleges and universities to focus on retaining current clinical nurse educators. After, nursing programs may then recruit new clinical nurse educators and prepare them for the role.

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