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Chemical and Paper Engineering

First Advisor

James Springstead

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Mert Atilhan


Common over-the-counter active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), such as ibuprofen and lidocaine, have limited solubility in water, affecting drug loading and manufacturing cost. Furthermore, the drug delivery vehicles that are used to carry such API have limited mass transfer capacity when these drugs are administered. There is a lot of ongoing research to discover novel solvents that have the potential to enhance drug solubility and can be used as new delivery vehicles. A combination of molecular simulation software, ORCA, Gaussian and COSMO-RS, was used to design nontoxic, biocompatible deep eutectic solvents (DES) that can be considered as an alternative drug solubilizers to address this issue. Simulation results suggest that novel DES can improve the solubility, bioavailability, enhance the release time of hydrophobic API, and lead to an important role in research of hydrophobic drug delivery, assuming that a set of novel solvents pass through clinical trials. Based on these new findings, a full theoretical manufacturing plant will be designed and an estimated cost for the new capsules will be calculated. Important economic indicators, such as rate of return and internal rate of return, will also be estimated.


Co-authored with:

Rafael Campos

Noora Sharf Alshualah

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Sunday, January 05, 2025