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Sensory processing disorder; ASECRET; tools; regulation.


When considering the results of research from this study, the reader should note this specifically applies to elementary school aged students but could be applicable outside of this study for the purpose of added ages. The cumulative ASECRET charts do not explicitly apply to that of a typical child and added disabilities to consider are discussed within the discussion section of research. Conditions left unmentioned should not be considered inapplicable, but for the purpose of this research, discussion points focus on sensory processing and conditions with higher rates of comorbidity to sensory processing compared to others. The purpose of this literature review is to create an ASECRET tool from cumulative research and formulate one document for parents and teachers to refer to when a child is experiencing dysregulation. ASECRET has 7 different distinct categories in which regulation stems from: (A) Attention, (S) Sensation, (E) Emotional Regulation, (C) Culture/Context/Condition, (R) Relationships, (E) Environment, and (T) Task. While each category is distinct, many recommendations can be interpreted as overlapping. Many points within ASECRET require the parent or teacher to reflect on what the child is experiencing, and how the adult can change the situation to soothe the child. Each child experiences individual dysregulation as one child is not the same to the next, which is considered throughout this research. Many coexisting conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder, Eating Disorders, and others should be considered when creating tools for parents and teachers, as the graphs may present differently, with different information. Parents can apply this tool to locations outside the home, such as the dentist, doctor’s office, grocery store, playground, a family member’s house, the car, and other modes of transportation, to name a few. Teachers can apply the ASECRET tool in their classroom, a special class such as art, music and computers, recess, gym, the lunchroom, transitions, the restroom, and more.

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