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Computer Science

First Advisor

Jason Johnson

Second Advisor

Larry Blackmer

Third Advisor

Joseph Kretovics


The Interventive Learning Web App delivers learning modules and assessments to students from grade 3 to grade 5, using predetermined learning standards set by the Department of Education. The app uses the results from these assessments and will regress or progress until the program recognizes a student’s proficiency; after proficiency is found, learning modules are provided to the student for each failed standard. Our team’s contribution to this large project has primarily been delivering learning modules to the students alongside assessment questions. In the future, each student’s strong and weak subjects will be recorded for a teacher to view, and the result will be a database with individualized learning plans for the teacher’s use. This app’s purpose is to improve K-12 students’ scores for reading and mathematics, while helping teachers identify weaknesses.


Co-authored with:

Michaella Magtibay

Aayush Gurgain

Keerthan Velagalety

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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