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The writings and research presented in this document are for a chapter of a textbook the focuses on entrepreneurship. The chapter focuses on many areas of entrepreneurship including: opportunities, networking, roles, economics, innovations, and history. The area that the potential writings focus on is entrepreneurial finance, or how one acquires capital to start their own business.

There are many ways to gain capital to start a business. These include a variety of investors that can give someone funds or loan that are given out by financial institutions. Investors are a great way to gain capital as investors will give the entrepreneur a large lump of cash to help start or expand their business. This is usually done with the intention of the investors getting something in return, whether its return on investments of equity on the company. Loans are a more structured way to get capital, but they have certain requirements that must be met as well as a form of repayment with interest. Crowdfunding is also a new way to gain capital. Crowdfunding is however riskier since it is asking strangers on the internet for money.

Diving further, an entrepreneur has to know how to convince investors or institutions to give them capital. This can include a well-planned pitch, which is a presentation of the company or product. A pitch also goes over company goals and asks for capital in return for equity. This section goes over what it takes for an entrepreneur to be convincing and how to sell the idea that their small business will be a good investment.

The writings also go over how to expand a business once it has become stable and has some experience. This can be done through previously stated methods like loans and investors. Once can also utilize accelerator firms to help small businesses expand into new markets by providing them a variety of services.

There are also some questions that could go along in the textbook that can check on the reader’s knowledge of the topic presented in this chapter section.

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