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Biological Sciences

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Karim Essani

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Jeremy Duncan


Tanapoxvirus (TPV) is a double stranded DNA virus, in the genus Yatapoxvirus, and is being developed as an oncolytic virus for the treatment of various human cancers. Since there is no experimental model to demonstrate the ability of this virus to treat human tumors in an immunocompetent model, a mouse melanoma cancer cell line was infected to see if TPV would be capable of replicating in the standard murine tumor model. The B16F10 cell line was used in vitro to demonstrate TPV’s replication capability and compared to the standard OMK cell line. TPV was shown to not replicate in the mouse cancer cells as compared to the OMK cells. This study provides evidence that the standard immunocompetent model would not be suitable for studying TPVs oncolytic activity in vivo.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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