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Nicole Wilson


The coronavirus pandemic, declared as a national emergency on March 13th, 2020, has caused extreme social and economic disruption all over the world, forever leaving a distinct imprint on history. Although many companies struggled immensely, either barely pulling out of the pandemic alive or having to completely shut down, several other companies have found ways to flourish during this unprecedented time.

The beginning of the pandemic brought lowered advertising rates. Several companies made the marketing decision to run campaigns during this time to take advantage of these lowered rates while creating a company response to the pandemic itself. The world of advertising is competitive; the average person is exposed to between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. However, the number of advertisements the brain registers is only about 100, the ones obtaining conscious attention even fewer. Even though advertisements are constantly surrounding us, inside and outside of the home, does not mean that they are always effective, which is why companies must be clever and strategic in their message to consumers. After the pandemic slowed, advertising rates in the United States and around the world grew exponentially.

Not only were advertisements helpful for companies to grow during the pandemic, but strategic focus on the “Four Ps” of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) also accelerated companies. Every company took advantage and leaned into their strengths during the pandemic. While Amazon was focused on the placement/distribution part of the marketing mix, Walmart’s success was price based and DUDE Wipe’s success was product based. Success throughout Covid took several forms, and individual companies relied on a unique take to the unprecedented pandemic.

Advertisements and using the marketing mix were crucial for companies to display their essentialness throughout the pandemic; some companies adapted and learned how to use Covid-19 as a marketing advantage. This thesis will compile research and concentrate on the idea that marketing, in both big corporate companies, such as Walmart and Amazon, and smaller companies, such as DUDE Wipes and BetterHelp, has helped to improve said companies in revenue and popularity throughout the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic times, taking advantage and reaping the benefits of Covid-19 as an accelerant of improvement.

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