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Janet Hahn

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Kelly Brunson


Appointment no-shows and same-day cancellations have been an ongoing issue in Bronson outpatient cardiovascular services (CVS). Further investigation was needed and is crucial in identifying barriers to care. Consequences of nonattendance may include negative health outcomes for patients and scheduling and financial burdens for the department. Knowledge of barriers of care is helpful in implementing interventions to encourage patient attendance for the benefit of patients’ health and department revenue. The goal of this project was to identify and analyze trends in no-show and cancellation rates and cancellation reasons given by patients. Doing so allowed for the identification of common barriers to healthcare. Data collected included general information about the scheduled appointment, patient demographics such as age, race, and gender, the patients’ overall no-show rates, and the estimated driving distance to the appointment. Reasons for same-day cancellation were also collected when given by patients. Over 92 business days, the department had 127 same-day cancellations and 69 no-shows, averaging 10.32 per week. Patient demographics did not appear to be related to appointment nonattendances. The most common cancellation reasons provided by patients were sickness, weather, and failure to prepare for the test. Other reasons such as transportation issues and scheduling conflicts were also noted. The information discovered in this project can be used by Bronson CVS to identify changes or shifts in no-show and cancellation trends. Continued collection of cancellation reasons is recommended to improve patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.

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