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Computer Science

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Jason Johnson

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David Barnes


Abstract The Cart Tracking System was created to address Bert R. Hybels’ need for tracking carts by quick response code, ease of access when it comes to communicating between growers, customers, and the hub, as well as keeping the location and configuration of carts known. The system will be used by 3 types of users, admins, hub workers, and drivers.

On the rack index page, the admin will have access to a comprehensive list of all rack information, including the rack ID, location, configuration, status, and the latest update time. Additionally, the map page enables admins to pinpoint the location of all racks throughout the United States. Furthermore, administrators can also perform a variety of actions, such as updating rack configurations and statuses or scanning items, to streamline their workflow and improve efficiency.

The Hub worker interface is a subset of the admin interface where the functionalities are tailored to the needs of Hub workers. These functionalities include accessing rack information, changing rack configuration, and utilizing the scanning functionality. Through the Hub worker interface, workers can access essential information related to racks, such as their location and status, enabling them to effectively carry out their duties. Additionally, workers can modify the configuration of racks to optimize their usage and improve operational efficiency. The scanning functionality further streamlines the process of inventory management, allowing workers to quickly and accurately record the movement of items in and out of racks.

The driver interface offers drivers access to several essential functionalities, including the scanning functionality and access to load information. With the scanning functionality, drivers can quickly and accurately record the movement of items, ensuring that all loads are properly accounted for and securely transported. Additionally, drivers can access crucial load information through the driver interface, such as the contents of the load, delivery instructions, and any special requirements or restrictions.

By utilizing the scanning functionality and accessing load information, drivers can streamline their workflows and effectively manage their responsibilities within the broader system.


Co-authored with:

Selyn Zhi Lin Ung

Esther ZhiKeng Chan

Kit Seripanitkarn

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Friday, May 30, 2025