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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Damon Miller

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Massood Atashbar


At WMU, the soccer program has achieved MAC championships and multiple NCAA sweet sixteen finishes, which qualifies it as one of the top programs in the country in recent years. Despite this, it is also one of the only D1 programs that does not have a lighting system. The purpose of this project was to develop the CAD designs, calculations, and simulations necessary to cover the engineering portion of a large-scale lighting project. The power distribution system to support this high power lighting requires detailed engineering plans. These plan designs were the main focus of the project. A scale model was also constructed with controls to cover the hardware requirements of the senior design class. It also served as a demonstration for how a lighting control system may operate. There are three main areas that the project required work in: lighting design, power distribution, and controls. The lighting lead was Rachel LaHaie, the power distribution lead was Jordan Walker, and the controls lead was Princeton Johnson. The project resulted in a power distribution system design that is ready to issue for budgetary estimates. The design included upgrading the field to a 480V service, adding a new distribution panel with five circuit breakers, routing of conduit and conductors to supply power to four 16kW lighting fixtures, and a step down transformer with interconnection to the existing system. The scale model had a ten foot to one inch scale and included four three watt light fixtures. Different light levels were measured throughout the model in testing with the goal of demonstrating where light may be more intense or less intense in a four pole lighting system design, and can be found in the figure 10. The control system included an arduino uno, a bluetooth module, and a four channel AC dimming module. Various capabilities were programmed into the arduino, including dimming and on/off controls, and can be adjusted remotely via a mobile app.


Co-authored with:

Princeton Johnson

Rachel LaHaie

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Honors Thesis-Restricted