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Industrial and Entrepreneurial Engineering and Engineering Management

First Advisor

Dana Hammond

Second Advisor

Bob White

Third Advisor

Azim Houshyar


A local high-design outdoor site furniture company – Landscape Forms – worked with the senior design team to create alternative layouts for the woodshop within the company. This senior project will offer three categories of alternative layouts: short, mid, and long term. By offering multiple time frame layouts, Landscape Forms will be able to implement changes based on time frame and need. A project plan indicates all tasks required to meet these objectives as well as a timeline for accomplishing this plan. Research including worker movement diagrams, stakeholder interviews incorporating woodshop employees and engineers, a man and machine utilization study, and studying the current layout and space utilizations and constraints based on current machine locations. Utilizing simulation software, a simulation was built to represent the real-world system of the woodshop, considering the top 20 wood products that are produced. The simulation was used to compare utilizations of the resources – employees – and locations – machines. The locations of machines were altered by adjusting the distances between locations to determine an optimized layout based on utilization and efficiency. A final CAD design was created for the mid- and long-term layout proposal based on a cost analysis of movement costs. These materials will be presented to the sponsor along with final recommendations for further developments and full implementation of immediate actions that can be taken based on the recommendations. All project deliverables were created with cost effective decision making in place.


Co-authored with:

Echo Sorensen

Jason Thayer

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

Group E - Presentation 3.pdf (1966 kB)
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