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Business Information Systems

First Advisor

Muhammad Razi

Second Advisor

Mohammad Daneshvar Kakhki


The Coronavirus of 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic caused many implications and challenges for higher education. The swift removal of face-to-face interaction resulted in rapid changes to how education was delivered. How the drastic change in the educational environment evolved during COVID-19 and resulted in an impact on the academic success of students is unknown. Using a data set from Western Michigan University’s institutional research center, this study uses data on Term Grade Point Averages (GPAs) before, during and after the initial waves of COVID-19 for undergraduate Haworth College of Business students. Utilizing a variety of statistical methods to perform the analysis, it’s concluded that the transition to COVID-19 did not negatively impact students’ academic success. This study found that the term GPA trends increase over time. There are possibilities of other factors that could have influenced our results, including more leniency, lower amounts of coursework, and a continuous increase in term GPA. A method to further this study is to evaluate why there is a continuous upward trend in term GPA from before COVID-19 until the end of COVID-19.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted