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Finance and Commercial Law

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Onur Arugaslan

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Wenling Lu


For my thesis project, I will be analyzing two sets of data pertaining to these different groups; one group will be college dropouts that chose to pursue a career without earning a college degree and the other group will be students who graduated from a four-year college degree program. I will be paying close attention to the financial success of individuals in both groups based on their career path. Also, focusing on the amount of money one group makes versus the other group various careers. Some careers include, being a YouTuber, Social Media influencer, Financial Analyst, Accountant, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, and Athlete. The amount of money for each career will vary.

My interest in this topic came from learning and watching different influential people in the world like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Alicia Keys and Tiger Woods who succeeded in their career of choice. All these millionaires and billionaires paved a path for people that didn’t think college was the best fit for them. It also gives them motivation to believe that they can follow their dreams and succeed without tertiary education.

I will be analyzing the cost of college tuition, the average cost of living for college and non-college students, and the amount a successful individual makes without a college degree. Each situation will have different factors such as: non-students living with their parents or living on their own, students that gets financial support from their parents or provide everything for themselves, students that are in college with a full ride scholarship and the reasoning as to why non-students dropped out of college to pursue their career path. All these factors play a significant role in my thesis project. My project will would include data and charts regarding all the factors specified.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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