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Finance and Commercial Law

First Advisor

Beth Kozbial Ernst

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Wenling Lu


Finance industry, number of women, gender gap, finance major


According to the development of society and the availability of education, people are becoming more educated, and more women are getting a better education. In fact, more and more women are entering the field of finance. They play an important role in the financial sector and their contribution is significant. Their ability to innovate and compete provides a new impetus to the growth of the financial industry. Women's innovation and change in the financial area of business cannot be ignored either. Men and women have their own strengths in the field. In the field of finance, women's strengths are reflected in many aspects, such as risk control, financial planning, etc. Therefore, it is very meaningful to study the trend of the number of women in the financial industry. This paper focuses on the trends and changes in the number of women in the financial sector and will analyze the possible causes of this phenomenon. This paper will also discuss and analyze the changes in the number and proportion of females and males in the field of work and in the field of study. By analyzing males and females, it is more clearly to compare the development of gender gaps in the field. Therefore, this paper uses a case study approach to examine the proportion and number of females at the work level and in school in different social situations. By comparing the ratio of men to women in the field of finance and even in the industry as a whole, a clearer picture of the development of women in this field can be obtained. In addition to this, it is crucial to analyze the causes of this phenomenon, such as educational developments, government support, and changes in business and social perspectives. These reasons have an impact not only on the number of women in the financial sector, but also on the number of women in other industries.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted