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Jason DeGeorge

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LaTonja Wilson

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Brian Jansen


The Aviation COR Mentorship program is a test for efficacy of a mentorship program for Western Michigan University’s College of Aviation. This paper describes what the mentorship program is and the values it is founded on. The description will break down each Core Value (these are renamed to Core Principles in the “Facilitating Improvements” section). The paper then dives into the criteria for being a mentor or mentee and the schedule of the test program. The goals are then outlined for this initial program in a chart. There are five goals for the program to assist students with the transition to college, as well as supporting their careers and mental health. Next, the evolution of the program and data collection is covered. This was mainly done through email advertising and surveys. Next the results are laid out and analyzed. Results and feedback from the mentors are explained first. These results include the participation of the identified population, feedback from the various events, and general issues that were encountered throughout the program. Then the feedback from the mentors is recorded. These results are much more in depth as the major changes are taken from this area. These results are based on the goals explained previously. The mentees were asked to answer whether the program aided their transition into college life, expanded their knowledge of career resources, and increased their knowledge of mental health resources at Western Michigan University. If the mentee answered “yes”, they were asked, “How much did the program help”. They were able to select on a five-point scale the extent to which the program helped them. Finally, the paper goes into changes and a blueprint for the future. The changes go into detail of each aspect that would allow for improvement of the program. The blueprint for the future is how the program will look with the implemented changes.

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