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Computer Science

First Advisor

Jason Johnson

Second Advisor

David Barnes


The Rack Tracking Application is developed for Bert R. Hybels, a marketing organization acting as a plant distributor. Their role is to purchase plants from local Kalamazoo businesses and distribute them to retailers, nurseries, and landscapers nationwide. Our web-based application offers Hybels real-time tracking and management capabilities, providing a comprehensive overview of their supply chain operation to replace their current manual "paper and pen" tracking method. Built on Django, the web framework, the app seamlessly integrates with Hybels' existing software architecture, including the database and other logistics applications.

By leveraging quick response codes (QR codes), the Rack Tracking Application identifies and tracks racks, facilitating seamless coordination and enhanced efficiency among growers, customers, and the hub. Users can conveniently scan racks, updating essential information such as location, configuration, and history. This ensures accurate and detailed insights into their supply chain logistics.

With a focus on user accessibility, the application caters to three distinct user roles: Admins, Hub Workers, and Drivers. Admins enjoy comprehensive access privileges, enabling them to view essential rack information, create new entries, and make necessary modifications. Drivers can scan racks to validate arrival and pick-up at customer locations, benefiting from detailed route summaries to optimize deliveries and minimize errors. Hub Workers can also scan rack QR codes, updating configuration and current location, ensuring the system reflects the real-time state of the supply chain. This feature provides invaluable insights into each rack's location and final destination, facilitating timely restocking and replenishment efforts.

Our team successfully implemented several essential features, including a QR code scanning feature for check-in and check-out, a "Bulk Add" feature to simplify new rack entries, and the generation of unique QR codes connected to selected racks to reduce memory usage and improve speed. Additionally, the app offers bulk modification of rack configurations, a comprehensive interface for Rack Index, Rack History, Driver Stop Summary, and a map displaying rack locations across the US. We also introduced secondary validation through Driver and Hub Worker confirmation to enhance accuracy.

Looking ahead, future app considerations include a custom QR code scanner, status indicators and route planning for the Map view, auto-assigned Load Numbers for each delivery, and a feature to log break times for Drivers.

Overall, the Rack Tracking Application is a powerful web-based solution that optimizes supply chain operations by accurately tracking Hybels' racks. Leveraging QR codes, real-time data processing, and management, the system empowers Hybels to make informed decisions and enhance their logistics processes.


Co-authored with:

Ka Kit Leng

Selyn Zhi Lin Ung

Kit Seripanitkarn

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted