Date of Defense


Date of Graduation



Computer Science

First Advisor

Dean Johnson

Second Advisor

Tarun Gupta


Work-related strain and injuries are extremely common in the industrial workplace. An exoskeleton that can provide support in lifting could help reduce strain and injuries as well as increase productivity and efficiency. To begin designing an exoskeleton, a patent search was done to see other designs as well as get an idea of what is on the market already. From this research, an exoskeleton design that was affordable as well as lightweight was designed. The exoskeleton was able to apply approximately thirteen kilograms of force and cost just over one thousand dollars. Further testing must be done once the full casing is printed. The control system must be refined as well in order to guarantee the users’ safety. No testing was done on humans. The exoskeleton that was designed and partially implemented provides a base to create a more efficient and inexpensive exoskeleton for an industrial application.


Co-authored with:

Kiran Bholiyan

Donovan Colo

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted

Available for download on Saturday, June 07, 2025