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Family and Consumer Sciences

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Philip Repp

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Dustin Altschul


An emotionally immersive experience within a museum setting can foster feelings of belonging, engagement, exploration, understanding and connection. Providing an environment where empathetic immersion can be achieved through physical, psychological, and social enablers lead to transformative experiences for the visitor. To promote physical, psychological, and social enablers within the museum setting to promote empathetic immersion within its visitors, this museum will consider the following strategies:

Physical Enablers: The museum space will address physical enablers by including environmental features such as diverse opportunities for seating, immersive lighting techniques, and curated finish selections for individual exhibit spaces as well as interactive displays that encourage visitors to engage with and explore the artwork on a deeper level. Physical: Engage & Explore

Psychological Enablers: The museum space will address the psychological enablers in the museum space by including educational and interpretive materials that help visitors understand and connect with the artwork. This will include clear wayfinding strategies, digestible museum labels, along with educational workshop spaces. This museum will also create designated opportunities for reflection and contemplation with the inclusion of “reflection rooms” within the floor plan. Psychological: Understand & Connect

Social Enablers: The museum space will address the social enablers by encouraging visitors to engage with others and the artwork in their chosen method and setting. This will include the incorporation of “share” spaces such as workshops, event spaces, and cafes. As well as museum displays that invite questions and discourse. This will encourage visitors to absorb others and share their own experiences and thoughts on the artwork through written and spoken dialogue fostering feelings of belonging within the community. Social: Foster Feelings of Belonging

By implementing physical, psychological, and social enablers within contrasting hope and sorrow galleries, this museum will foster an emotional connection within its visitors and promote empathetic immersion. By encouraging visitors within the museum space to engage with the artwork on a physical, psychological, and social level they will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the artwork displayed and experience a transformative and immersive experience within the museum.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access