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Jennifer Fiore

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Corinne Burch

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Juliana Ross


Background. Siblings of individuals with disabilities are at higher risks of emotional and behavioral problems.

Objective. This paper is a scoping review of the current literature on interventions for siblings of individuals with disabilities and proposes possible music therapy interventions.

Design. 15 databases were searched to identify articles that were peer-reviewed, in English, whose target population was siblings of individuals with disabilities, and that evaluated an active intervention for this population. 4,700 sources were initially identified and 28 articles were included for full review.

Results. Interventions currently in use include group, individual, parent-sibling, and arts interventions. Outcomes of these interventions include improving self-esteem, expressing emotion, gaining insight, and connecting with others who have a shared experience.

Conclusions. Three music therapy interventions were prevalent in the literature. Musical improvisation may be used for the expression of emotion. Songwriting may be used to improve self-esteem, gain insight, and provide space for connecting with others. Lyric analysis provides an avenue for reflection and discussion, especially in a group setting.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted