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Jasmine LaBine

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Bryan Abendschein


In an era of technological innovation, individuals are more likely than ever to participate in long-distance romantic relationships. Previous research indicates that technology plays an important role in the maintenance of LDRRs, yet young adults seem to have a negative predisposition toward the prospect of being in an LDRR themselves despite their prevalence. A mixed-method online survey distributed to 311 undergraduate students revealed that strong indicators of attitude toward LDRRs are based on observations, opinions of others, past experiences, and TV shows/movies. Ultimately, these responses indicate that a predisposition toward LDRRs does exist, yet most young adults continue to engage in them regardless. The study also suggests a series of recommendations for future research: specifically focusing on the relationship dynamic of LDRRs during COVID-19 and in the LGBTQ+ communities.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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