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Megan Slayter

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Whitney Moncrief


Paige Mulick’s Graduating Presentation/Honors Thesis was created to be a piece that explored recurring dreams and built a dream on stage. Mulick developed this piece beginning with a concept, auditioning dancers, developing choreography, designing costumes, developing a lighting design, and rehearsing the piece for multiple months before it was performed on stage. As supporting research for this choreographic project, Mulick drew on her personal experiences, the experiences of her dancers, and readings from texts about the science and history of dreams. In addition to her work in choreography, Mulick took on the roles of Production Coordinator and Schedule Coordinator for the Graduating Presentations concert. Between Mulick and her seven other cohorts in the Dance BFA Senior Class of 2023, the group contracted a guest choreographer, photographers, a videographer, constructed a master rehearsal schedule, developed a light plot, spearheaded and organized fundraising efforts, and created the choreographer for for this show. In addition to the performance and choreographic elements of this piece, Mulick was also required to compile a portfolio of supporting materials including an essay explaining her artistic process and choices throughout the development of "house at the end of the street". The portfolio also included materials such as headshots, dance shots, a performance resume, personal artistic statement and biography.

This culminating thesis was a true testament of all the skills and tools needed to be successful as a professional in dance. These skills will apply in teaching, choreographing, performing, and even working in administration. This project was also a true display of the importance of working as a team to achieve a common goal. Especially when working in the arts, it is important to understand how to delegate and work together toward a common goal. There are so many hours, rehearsals, general preparation, meetings, and discussions that must take place to bring performance art to life. The materials of this thesis are only part of the many pieces that came together to create this fantastic show.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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