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Barry Goetz

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Anthony Helms

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Monty Ernst


Content Analysis, Film Analysis, Sociological Perspective, Saving Face, Alice Wu, Crazy Rich Asians, Jon M. Chu, Everything Everywhere All At Once, Dan Kwan, Daniel Scheinert


This thesis by Sue Jiun Yap examines the intersectional themes of class, identity, and sexual orientation in the films Saving Face, Crazy Rich Asians, and Everything Everywhere All At Once. The thesis paper will utilize content analysis methodology to explore the concepts listed. The analysis of these films highlights their groundbreaking works that challenge heteronormative and racial narratives in the film industry. In addition to these observations, the paper highlights Asian individuals and communities facing significant complications as a result of various intersecting identities - specifically class, identity, and sexual orientation. Furthermore, it highlights how such struggles contribute significantly towards shaping the larger picture when addressing representations within Hollywood's context for Asian Americans. By analyzing themes that include identity formation processes, family dynamics under different social classes along with variances in assigned gender roles while exploring their resulting intersectionality evident throughout said films, we can see just how much impact art has on reflecting and ultimately challenging what are perceived realities faced by these groups.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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