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Business - Interdisciplinary

First Advisor

Eldon McCabe

Second Advisor

Carlos Clay


The reason for this research is to create a solution for fraternity and sororities as well as registered RSO’s on campus to allow them to create a fund that can provide a steady stream of income that will be used to pay national expenses, chapter expenses and fund future programs and events which may include scholarships or initiatives that the organizations feel the need to support.

Throughout my research I look to solve problems such as: How to Generate the Funds to support the renewable investment, how to manage the fund and who within the organization should manage and spend the funds, when should funds be touched and should there be limits to what people can spend the money on. Also, I look to target things relating to the investment itself which include What should the fund invest in, Should the fund be ran/traded by members in the organization or should the fund by managed by professional brokers / fund managers who can provide knowledge to increase chances of positive returns.

Also, I believe that there is plenty of room to grow and that investing for the long-term will provide stability and well as security for the organizations to have long-term funding to allow for them to operate alongside the university while becoming increasingly more independent. My research has shown that there are many passive investments in the market that would allow an RSO to achieve stable returns while providing liquidity in case of emergencies. I provided ways that RSO can raise capital every year to not only keep up with the day-to-day operations but also to continue to invest in the passive investment vehicles that I talk about in my thesis. Overall, This Thesis is a must read for different RSO’s and Organizations as it will be able to them on how to generate funds and how to invest their organizations money into different long-term investments to generate passive income and to ultimately allow their organizations to become independent and self-sufficient while being able to fund different projects they see fit.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access