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First Advisor

James Lewis

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Colin Cork


This volume of research will dive deeper specifically into the evolution of contracts in the NBA. The paper will look at how the successive collective bargaining agreements have changed how the NBA player and the league can contract with one another. It will look at the Salary Cap and how the dramatic spike in this cap has implications on the power structure of the NBA, the extent and shape of the change in player contracts, and how this effects the average NBA consumer. The paper will describe different NBA players’ contracts in different time periods using publicly available data. Then based on the research, I will make a prediction of the future of contracts in the NBA, and whether I see it as a justifiable and favorable outcome for the league. The purpose of this thesis is to analytically look at the history of contracts and show the trajectory of where they are going and what we should do to create a more favorable outcome. “Favorable” is defined as being economically beneficial to the average NBA consumer. The primary solution suggested entails enforcing stricter regulation of the salary cap in order to limit the continuous rise in expenditure made by each team. This, in turn, can help limit the price of the NBA product for the average consumer. The power struggle of the NBA needs to be solved. There should be a more definite hierarchy of influence and leadership.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted