Date of Defense

Spring 4-14-2005



First Advisor

Ron Larson, Marketing

Second Advisor

Phil Straniero, Marketing

Third Advisor

Ann Veeck, Marketing




Single person households make up a substantial percentage of the total U.S population. More than 102 million people aged 15 and over were not married in 2003. On a household basis, 48.5% of U.S. households were not headed by married couples. Some of these households are "nonfamily" which excludes single parent households according to U.S. Census Bureau definitions. Most studies that examine a specific demographic group have focused on households with children and mature consumers because their purchasing behaviors are highly predictable and easily obtainable. Very little research currently exists on the market of young, single adult consumers. This study focuses on young single adults within a defined age range, 25-39 years, currently without any children. The results will help define some of the unique shopping characteristics of this particular subgroup that could then be used to compare studies of other single subgroups. Their growing purchasing power, $600 billion, is one reason to take this group seriously.


Married name: Walczak

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access