Date of Defense


Date of Graduation




First Advisor

Steve Wolfinbarger

Second Advisor

Peter Lehmann


This recital showcases 50 minutes of solo and ensemble trombone repertoire representing various styles and eras of music, including 19th century Romanticism, 20th century French Impressionism, 1920’s Military band, Modern music, Mexican Folk music, and Salsa. This performance seeks to demonstrate and expand the range of repertoire that can be performed by the trombone. This is achieved through the variety of genres, and also through performing pieces by underrepresented groups like Latino and women composers; performing with a variety of accompaniments like organ, piano, trombone ensemble, and electronics; and through performing a new commission for trombone octet. As the capstone to the performer’s degree studies, this performance also represents the trombonist’s development of musicality, skill, and musical endeavors and interests throughout her studies. The program and repertoire performed is as follows:

Jacques Casterede Sonatine
(1926-2014) I. Allegro Vivo

Joseph Guy Ropartz Piece in Eb Minor

Manuel Ponce Espera
(1882-1948) Por Ti Mujer Estrellita

Gustav Holst Duo Concertante

Inez McComas A Quick Trip with Lots of Baggage
(b. 1977)

Joseph Jongen Aria and Polonaise

Arthur Pryor The Supervisor

Adolescent’s Orquesta Me Tengo Que Ir
arr. Peter Lehmann

Mitchell VanderMeulen, Nathaniel Chiu, Destiny Miskel, Gabe Funk, Franco Cassuci; Tenor Trombone Alayna O’Connell, Dustin Moeckel; Bass Trombone

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted