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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Claudia Fajardo

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Parviz Merati


This dynamometer project was completed for the Formula SAE team at Western Michigan University and aimed to deliver a functional and safe engine dynamometer test stand. Formula SAE is a student organization that designs and manufactures a new formula style race car from the ground up every year to compete at an international collegiate competition. The purpose of the dynamometer is to allow the team to tune their internal combustion (IC) engine and the newly developed electric powertrain (EV). The engine dynamometer is important to the Formula team as it will allow engine tuning and diagnosis prior to the completion of the car. This saves time before the competition and allows the team to allocate more time to driver training. Moreover, it allows testing of auxiliary systems like oiling, cooling, fueling, and shifting, providing performance evaluation and areas of improvement for the future. The project encompassed various design aspects, including mounting solutions for both powertrains, hydraulic brake mounting/adjustment mechanisms, and the associated management system. To support the design process, the team used 3D modeling, static load simulations, and physical models. This led to the initiation of the manufacturing phase, which resulted in a running dynamometer that exceeded expectations. The project's main goal was to design a reliable and safe engine dynamometer capable of producing accurate and valuable data. Tests ran on the dyno and data collected prove that the design is capable of successfully tuning the engine and simulating loads. The project not only showcased the student’s theoretical knowledge but also put their manufacturing skills to the test. Moreover, setting this project apart from others, the design was not just a concept but was fully manufactured and will be utilized by the FSAE team at WMU to further enhance the performance of their IC and EV powertrains for years to come.


Co-authored with:

Jack Bos

Jacob Chavis

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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